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What Is An MOT?
An MOT is a test that examines whether or not your car meets the required safety and environmental regulations.

You are required to obtain an MOT for your vehicle if it’s:

  • The third year since you registered it
  • One year after your vehicle’s last MOT, that is if it is 3 years or older

It’s worth noting however, that some vehicles require checking at one year. Driving a vehicle without a valid MOT can cause you to be fined up to £1,000.

When Can You Get An MOT?

DVLA Phone Number for MOT info

The due date of an MOT is printed on the last pass certificate and will normally last for one year. The earliest you can have it renewed is one month before the printed due date, for instance if your certificate read the due date as 15th of May, then the earliest you can get your renewal is 16th of April of the following year.

You can successfully get an MOT earlier than the due date but in that case, the renewal date of the following year will be different.

Please note that the MOT text reminder service expired on august 16th and only new applicants who have been registered in the last one year can receive reminders. If you are not sure of your MOT status, call the DVLA phone number for assistance.

What If Your Mot Has Expired?

Driving a vehicle with an expired MOT can lead to prosecutions, the only exemptions are;

  • If you are driving to or from an automotive repair or
  • If you are driving on your way to acquire a pre-arranged inspection

Mot Booking

You should only use legitimate MOT test centers to get your MOT check. You will know these centers because they have a blue sign with three triangles.

How to Book

All you need to do is to contact an MOT center and place your booking. In regard to charges, MOT service centers will not charge you anything beyond the maximum fees.

How to Do an Mot Test

During an MOT, the important specs of your car will be examined to ensure they meet the stipulated standards. Vehicle owners are allowed to on look the test but they can only do this from the viewing area as they are not allowed to interrupt the tester.

Which Parts Are Tested?

An MOT test does not take into special consideration the conditions of;

  • The engine
  • The clutch or
  • The gearbox

Check out on what is tested for both cars and motorcycles.

The Test Results

These are normally classified as a fail or a pass.

    A Fail;

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, then you will receive a list showing all the things that need to be attended to in order for it to be fixed. If it is still unclear to you, call the DVLA phone number for further guidance.

Here, you also get a refusal of an MOT certificate from the MOT test center. Your vehicle will also be recorded in the MOT database; you however have the option of appealing the result if you disagree.

    A Pass;

If your vehicle passes the MOT, then;

You’ll be issued with an MOT certificate and your vehicle credentials will be filled in the MOT database.

Mileage Records

Milage Records

An MOT certificate will normally show an ‘odometer reading and history’, this is a record that shows your vehicles mileage record for the current test as well as that of three previous tests.

Should you realize that there are errors in your readings, then you are required to report this within 7 days after which you can have your certificate replaced. Note however, that errors on previous mileage cannot be reversed.

Can You Still Drive Away After A Failed MOT Test?

Of course you can, but is it allowed?

You can still drive your vehicle if your previous mot certificate has not reached its expiry date. However, if the MOT has run out, kindly take the vehicle to have the detected errors fixed. You could also place a pre-arranged mot test appointment.

In both scenarios, your vehicle should meet the set standards of roadworthiness at all times or risk fining. Driving an unroadworthy vehicle attracts a penalty of £2,500 and drivers could be banned from driving and or 3 penalty points.

Consider another Test after Repair

After a failed MOT test, the center can allow you have a partial retest at no cost or re-do the full MOT test at a reduced cost. In most cases, a vehicle taken back to the same test center before the end of the following working day will not be charged again. In such cases a retest will only be conducted on the failed items.

Taking the vehicle to the same test center within 10 working days attracts only a partial fee for a retest. It is advisable to leave your vehicle for repair after a failed test at the test center. A retest is done after 10 working days and the good news is that you don’t have to pay an extra fee. Call DVLA phone number for assistance with retests.

Appealing For Test Results and Problems

As mentioned earlier, you can appeal any MOT test failed, or send your complaints to the DVSA if you feel that your vehicle should have passed the MOT. You can do this by filling in detail the complaint form then sending it to DVSA within a maximum of 14 working days after the test.

Upon receiving your complaint, DVSA will;

  • Place an appointment for you within 5 working days
  • They will then retest your vehicle but you will be required to pay the MOT check full fee again
  • After inspection, DVSA will send you a report detailing the vehicle defects if any as well as advisory items

Note: Do not have repairs done until the appeal process is over and done with.

It’s also worth noting that DVSA cannot help you in taking an action against a center, you, can however take your own personal action through legal proceedings, police reports or through the trading standards.

Important MOT Related Time Limits

In case your vehicle passed the test, you must submit your complains within the following time frames for consideration and action. That is;

  • 3 months if it is a corrosion-related issue.
  • 28 days for other problems.

Is Your MOT Certificate Genuine?

You can confirm and or proof this through the MOT status.

Not Contented With An MOT Service…

You can always contact DVSA if an MOT service does not satisfy you.

MOT Test, Is It A Requirement for All Vehicles?

New vehicles do not need an MOT test, at least not until they reach the stipulated ages as displayed in the MOT fees table. Apart from new vehicles, there are also other vehicles that do not require an MOT, among them are

  • Cars and motorbikes produced way before the 1960
  • Auto motives that are powered electrically and
  • Tractors

You can check if your vehicle requires the MOT test through a comprehensive list of these cars on form v112. Should you find out that your vehicle be listed, then you are required to fill in the form to allow you tax it.

Also in the non-MOT test required vehicles are Lorries, buses and trailers. These require an annual test as opposed to the MOT. This test is also referred to as the ‘annual vehicle test’.

DVLA Phone Number 0843 455 0054.