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All You Need to Know About your Carís Tax Discs

When was the last time you renewed your carís tax disc and how did you go about it? Do you know that you can actually do this online and in just a few minutes? Yes, thatís right. You can now renew the car tax disc, submit new applications, apply for refunds all these without going to the post office. You can always call the DVLA tax refund number for advice or assistance in any of those application processes.

In the UK, for you to use the public roads and motorways, it is compulsory to tax all your vehicles and to have the tax disc displayed on fore windscreen. Failing to display this tax disc could lead to confiscation of a vehicle and its owner too could be slapped with a fine of not less than £1,000.

DVLA tax refund number

More often than not, your area post office or the DVLA offices are characterized with long queues when itís car tax disc renewal time. As if thatís not enough, should you forget some important documents or have an error at filling in the forms, then you are left with no options than to correct your errors then go through the whole queuing up process all over again. Time is of essence and online applications help you save this valuable resource. Apply for renewals from your home; at work or better still on your laptop just in case you are on vacation. Online renewals can be applied starting from the fifth day of every month that your tax disc is due and the latest submissions are accepted one day to the expiry.

Now, you can renew your tax disc online using the DVLA, (Driver and Vehicle licensing agency), if you like. Please note that submissions can only be made by the registered owners of the car.

Essential Details Required For an Online Tax Disc Application

There are a few things needed when making a tax disc online application

  • The number plate of your vehicle.
  • Your reference number (16 digits), normally, this one will be found on your renewal reminder.
  • Be the registered owner of the automotive.
  • Up to date personal information; i.e. your name, address and vehicle details match those at the DVLA.
  • Your automotive must be insured.
  • You must have either a credit or a debit card. Credit cards will be charged a service fee of £2.50 but debit cards do not charge any extra.
  • Have a MOT that is valid.
  • You must be in possession of a V11 reminder letter if you do not have a V5C registration certificate.
  • If itís a service or goods vehicle, a PSV test must be produced.
  • Acquire a V85/1 reminder letter in the case of heavy goods vehicles, also known as (HGVs).
  • For New applications, tax disc payments can be done online or via phone.

How Do You Claim Disability Benefits?

To claim either the disability or living allowance, you will be required to apply for an entitlement certificate, DLA404, MHS330, WPA0442 or the certificate of exemption. An exemption certificate as well as that of entitlement will only be issued under the following:

  • A higher disability component for DLA.
  • In a war pension mobility alternatives.
  • Should you be under the disabled tax category, then you are not required to produce credit or debit cards. For disability exemption you are required to provide: Your National insurance identification number
  • Your Dates of birth.
  • Your surname.

Please note: Disabled tax disc applicants do not have an online provision and can only do this at the post office.

How to Apply For a Duplicate Tax Disc

You can do this by filling out the V20 form to apply. This is easy as it can be done via the internet or by sending a completed and duly filled form to the local DVLA offices via the postal services.

Am I Eligible For A Duplicate Tax Disc Application?

One can apply for this duplicate in the event that:

  • Itís worn out and the figures are illegible.
  • You want to replace your original one because you either lost it, itís been damaged, you lost it or someone just stole it.
  • You have lost a valid tax disc of your new vehicle.

How Then, Do I Apply?

You start by filling in the application form (V20), put down a personal application, hand deliver it personally or send it to the DVLA offices near you plus a set fee for a duplicate disc (should it be necessary), along with your V5C registration certification.

    Please note
  • Apply for the vehicle registration certificate (v62) if you do not have the V5C registration certificate.
  • Do not pay for another tax disc if you already have the V5C/2, (a green, new keeperís supplement) and bought the car recently.

If you need more details, please feel free to contact us through the DVLA tax refund number or visit our website the official DVLA website.
A V62 application form can be downloaded from the internet or obtained locally at the DVLA offices or the post office.

How Long Before I get the Duplicate Tax Disc?

As long as your details match those of the DVLA record, then you will receive a duplicate tax disc immediately your request is received. Should there be any mismatch, then your application will be pending until such a time when the records are updated. Note that even in such circumstances, you will receive a temporary disc that will be switched once all the information has been rectified.

Statutory Off Road Notification

Commonly abbreviated as SORN, this is a requirement for vehicle owners who do not use their vehicles on public road. In UK, you are not compelled to have a tax disc if you neither use nor keep your car on a public road.

If your vehicle simply rests peacefully in your garage, or you only drive in private land, then you are simply required to acquire a SORN.

Please remember that SORN application can only be placed by the registered vehicle keepers.

SORN Application Requirements

A reference number (normally found on the V5C, V85/1 or the V11

A V5C certificate of registration

When Do I Need A SORN?

You should make a SORN if:

  • The vehicle is not on use (when itís off the road due to issues such as MOT failure or its undergoing repairs).
  • You are on travel and thus not using your vehicle.
  • You are in the process of applying for a vehicle tax refund.

How Do I Apply for A SORN

The best part about SORN applications is that they can be done online, on phone, at your local post office or you can simply make them while applying for a vehicle tax refund.

    SORN Applications Are Unnecessary If:
  • You cannot keep the vehicle
  • You intend to sell off the vehicle
  • You plan on taking the vehicle abroad
  • Your vehicle is on a write off
  • Your vehicle has been disposed of to a scrap dealer

Applying For a Tax Disc Refund

Here, you must complete a form known as V14. You can get this form by downloading it online, complete it, sign and send to the area DVLA offices. You can also call DVLA tax refund number for any assistance.

Itís important to ensure that you are entitled for a refund before applying for one. Refunds can only be made if;

  • You are the registered vehicle keeper
  • Your automotive has been stolen
  • You recently transferred your vehicles ownership
  • You have changed your tax category

What You Need To Be Aware Of Before Applying For a Refund

Lack of a tax disc requires the use of a V33 form

Personal details to be filled on the form should match those on the V5C certificate

Refunds will normally be made in six weeks upon receipt of the refund request

DVLA CarTax Refund Number 0843 455 0054.