DVLA Number for Tax Discs

About DVLA Help & Advice 0843 455 0054

DVLA Help and Advice is a site that is dedicated to helping you solve all matters concerning driving & vehicle taxation. Do you need help with your application for a Provisional Licence?

How about applying for a full driving licence? Or maybe you’d like to renew your photocard licence on time to avoid inconveniences and fines. Whatever you need, here we are, call the DVLA contact number and we will get all that done for you.

Help With Changing Your Licence Details

Our abetted services will assist you through any online changes of licence details; you only need to furnish us with accurate information such as your full name, accurate address and the driving licence that needs to be altered. We’ll fill in the application form for you according to the details you furnish us with and follow up until you get your new licence.

The Application Processes

While we would like to do everything for you so that you can concentrate on other pressing matters, we can only do so much. We only fill in the details provided. However, we do mail the application forms to you to fill out the parts only you can such as appending signatures. If you need to fill in additional information or attach supplementary documents, we’ll always let you know. We also enclose an already address envelop that you can use to send the documents to the accurate DVLA office.

What The DVLA Charge

While these services do not come without cost, we charge only a reasonable call charge. The call services come at only 5p per min from a BT landline, more than the regular call charges directly to the DVLA contact number. Other fees may be charged dependent on your phone provider. If you are making an applications for a new licence it may take a little longer.

You will need to give us relevant and accurate information we ask you for, but you will be told in advance how much a new or replacement licence will cost. To make it easier for you, we’ll always direct you on what you need to give us so that the process is done as quick as it possibly can. We also ensure that your application is correct before you send it to the relavent DVLA offices via first class post.

Our Commitment to You

We take precise measures to ensure that every client has the relevant information required to go through any process. We commit to provide any assistance that you may need via telephone, email, or chat should you need any advice or further assistance.

DVLA Contact Number 0843 455 0054.