DVLA Driving Licence Helpline Number

0843 455 0000

DVLA Vehicle Helpline Contact Number

0843 455 0054

DVLA SORN Contact Number

0843 455 0054

DVLA Medical Contact Number

0843 455 0001

DVLA Swansea Contact Phone Number

0843 455 0001

Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) Helpline

Long View Rd,
West Glamorgan,
SA6 7JL.
United Kingdom.
Tell: 0843 455 0054.

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About Driving Licences

To drive on the public roads with any type of motorised vehicle you need to have a valid driving licence. A public road is a road that is maintained by the local authority or Department of Transport.

Types of Driving Licences

Driving Licences Types are:

  • Provisional driving licence
  • Full Driving Licence

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Registration of a Vehicle

Vehicle registration is required to drive a vehicle on the public roads, this is known as a V5, vehicle registration proves that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle at your current address.

When do i need to register a vehicle:

  1. If you have bought a new car or vehicle.
  2. If you have built a or repaired a scrapped vehicle.
  3. If you have brought a vehicle into the country.

You will have to complete and send to a DVLA office, a V62 form. Click here to download.

Why do i need to register my vehicle with the DVLA?

New cars are usually registered by the garage or dealer who you have purchased the car from. However, if the car is imported, a kit car, a classic car, or a car that has been dramatically changed or repaired, or a vintage car, it might not be registered with the DVLA, so you need to follow the procedures below.

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Car Road Tax & Renewals

Road Tax or Vehicle Tax renewals and refunds can all be processed online or by calling the DVLA Contact Number, if you have any questions or need help. Cartax refunds questions and answers.

If you drive your vehicle on the roads or motorways of the UK you will need to have road tax. You no longer have to display a disc in the car window or on your motobike, it is all done electronically. The Police and the DVLA have number plate recognition cameras that quickly check that you have valid road tax. If you do not have any road tax, you can be fined up to 5 times your annual road tax or £1000, whichever the greater. Or if your vehicle can carry more than 8 pasengers the fine is up to £2,500. If you have bought a car privately, you can check to see if the vehicle has valid road tax by calling the DVLA Phone Number or by clicking here and entering your registration number and the make of the vehicle.

You can renew you road tax 2 months before it expires, if you might be away on holiday or working abroad. The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) make it easy to complete, on the website. If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle you will get a V11 form through the post with a 16 diget number on it, you can use this number to renew your road tax.

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Medical Enquiries Helpine

If you have certain medical conditions you could have you driving licence revoked. Blackouts and epilepsy are two of the more common resons why you might get your driving licence taken off you, but if you meet certain conditions you could get your driving licence back. It is best that you talk to the DVLA Helpline and see if you meet the medical requirements, call the DVLA helpline Contact Number and see.

Medical facts for drivers

The following information is for drivers who have a medical condition that may make them unsafe on the public roads and motorways:

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MOT Requirements

Once any vehicle is 3 years old it requires a valid MOT certificate. You will not be able to tax or insure any vehicle that is 3 or more years old without a valid certificate

MOT information for drivers

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